My name is Marcus, I am from Germany. Collecting autographs of current and former NHL players is my hobby and my passion for more than 30 years now. Most I have done in person – a lot through the mail.

My collection focus on signed trading cards. I do photos, too – but do not trade for it.

My website contains detailed information about my trips through Europe, my successes, my wantlist and my tradelist. Whenever the World Championship is going to start, NHL teams are going to play in Europe, or a former NHL player is playing anywhere…..I am trying to be there. In 2012 I made a trip to New York, New Jersey, Boston and Philadelphia.

Best of my signed stuff I am going to show on my website….with some notes and funny stories.

I am always interested in trading for signed cards I do not have – I prefer cards signed in blue (Sharpie).

If you have any questions, want to trade….please contact me.