In the Mailbox

My successes through the mail. During the pandemic I sent a lot of requests – now I am doing a lot in person. You can find some scans under my gallery tab.

Let me know if you have any questions.

PlayerAdressReceived / days waitingNumber of cards
Doug Grantc/o Home06/13/23 (768)2 cards
Ian Whitec/o Milwaukee Admirals05/09/23 (3004)4 cards
Don Murdochc/o Hockey School10/27/22 (324)2 cards
Tom Chorskec/o Home10/13/22 (765)4 cards
Kevin McCarthyc/o Home09/01/22 (160)4 cards
Butch Deadmarshc/o Home06/04/22 (138)2 cards
Dean Talafousc/o Home04/13/22 (58)2 cards
Ron Ellisc/o HHOF04/12/22 (392)2 cards
Bob Wilkiec/o Home03/23/22 (43)5 cards
Thommie Bergmanc/o Home03/22/22 (38)2 cards
Tomas Fleischmannc/o Home03/15/22 (30)3 cards
Bob Crawfordc/o Home03/12/22 (27)2 cards
Ron Lalondec/o Home03/12/22 (27)2 cards
Tomas Kaberlec/o Restaurant03/12/22 (27)3 cards
Rob Palmerc/o Home03/03/22 (17)2 cards
Richard Bachmanc/o Home02/15/22 (34)3 cards
Dave Gagnonc/o Home02/08/22 (33)2 cards
Don Tannahillc/o Home02/05/22 (22)1 card
Gord McRaec/o Home01/27/22 (350)2 cards
Bob Berryc/o Home01/25/22 (275)2 cards
Murray Costelloc/o Home01/25/22 (41)1 card
Bo Berglundc/o Home01/21/22 (20)2 cards
David Boothc/o Team01/17/22 (14)2 cards
Mike Nykolukc/o Home01/14/22 (30)1 card
Ed Hospodarc/o Home01/11/22 (28)1 card
Floyd Smithc/o Home01/11/22 (28)2 cards
Bill Watsonc/o Team12/28/21 (34)2 cards
Allen Pedersenc/o Home12/28/21 (34)4 cards
Rod Schuttc/o Home12/27/21 (33)2 cards
Bobby Simpsonc/o Home12/16/21 (345)2 cards
John Babyc/o Home11/23/21 (301)2 cards
Charlie Simmerc/o Home11/11/21 (254)3 cards
Dave Pichettec/o Work11/09/21 (288)3 cards
Brad Maxwellc/o Home11/06/21 (258)3 cards
Al MacAdamc/o Home09/11/21 (319)4 cards
Mark Freerc/o Home09/02/21 (93)2 cards
Bert Marshallc/o Home08/24//21 (121)4 cards
Reggie Leachc/o Home08/14/21 (56)3 cards
Michael Cammalleric/o Home07/28/21 (51)2 cards
Henry Bouchac/o Home07/27/21 (92)2 cards
Brad Gassoffc/o Home07/27/21 (36)2 cards
Normand Leveillec/o Home07/20/21 (65)2 cards
Doug Soetaertc/o Home07/19/21 (31)2 cards
Rob McClanahanc/o Home07/01/21 (128)3 cards
Ted Harrisc/o Home06/29/21 (25)2 cards
Gordie Lanec/o Home06/29/21 (25)4 cards
Peter McNabc/o Home06/28/21 (24)3 cards
Dwayne Rolosonc/o Home06/28/21 (35)2 cards
Matt Ravlichc/o Home06/24/21 (21)2 cards
Robbie Ftorekc/o Home06/24/21 (21)4 cards
Mark Lofthousec/o Home06/19/21 (49)2 cards
Mike Commodorec/o Ressort06/18/21 (33)3 cards
Jim Harrisonc/o Home06/14/21 (41)2 cards
Mike Veisorc/o Home06/12/21 (39)2 cards
Alex Pirusc/o Home06/12/21 (31)2 cards
Ron Harrisc/o Home06/10/21 (28)3 cards
Tom Reidc/o Home06/10/21 (28)3 cards
John Bednarskic/o Home06/09/21 (27)2 cards
Jacques Caronc/o Home06/09/21 (27)1 card
Shawn Thorntonc/o Florida Panthers06/05/21 (93)2 cards
Sheldon Kannegiesserc/o Home05/28/21 (26)3 cards
Phil Sykesc/o Home05/25/21 (52)3 cards
Joe Lundriganc/o Home05/26/21 (24)1 card
Jim Warnerc/o Home05/25/21 (23)2 cards
Martin St.Louisc/o Home05/26/21 (62)2 cards
Tim Ecclestonec/o Home05/26/21 (24)4 cards
Marc Tardifc/o Home05/20/21 (128)3 cards
Gerry Pinderc/o Home05/20/21 (17)2 cards
Brian Conacherc/o Home05/18/21 (15)1 card
Serge Lajeunessec/o Home05/17/21 (14)1 card
Gerry O’Flahertyc/o Home05/17/21 (50)2 cards
Robin Burnsc/o Home05/17/21 (30)2 cards
Claire Alexanderc/o Home05/11/21 (24)1 card
Errol Thompsonc/o Home05/10/21 (36)2 cards
Bill Rileyc/o Home05/10/21 (36)2 cards
Jim Jacksonc/o Home05/08/21 (21)2 cards
David Schlemkoc/o Business05/07/21 (41)3 cards
Bob Barlowc/o Home05/06/21 (19)2 cards
Terry Cafferyc/o Home05/06/21 (19)1 card
Jiri Hudlerc/o Home05/03/21 (125)3 cards
Tony Horacekc/o Home04/28/21 (24)2 cards
Peter Sundstromc/o Home04/28/21 (10)2 cards
Steve Bakerc/o Home04/27/21 (22)4 cards
Allan Conroyc/o Home04/27/21 (22)2 cards
Gary Bromleyc/o Home04/27/21 (32)3 cards
Alan Hangslebenc/o Home04/27/21 (22)2 cards
Doug Hicksc/o Business04/23/21 (28)4 cards
Herb Raglanc/o Home04/23/21 (28)2 cards
Merlin Malinowskic/o Home04/23/21 (18)3 cards
Rick Dudleyc/o Home04/23/21 (18)3 cards
Ed Johnstonec/o Home04/20/21 (24)3 cards
Chris Winnesc/o Home04/20/21 (24)3 cards
Gerry Meehanc/o Home04/17/21 (31)2 cards
Jack Egersc/o Home04/17/21 (31)3 cards
Richard Mulhernc/o Home04/15/21 (54)3 cards
Jimmy Jonesc/o Home04/15/21 (19)1 card
Peter Marshc/o Home04/15/21 (19)3 cards
Blake Geoffrionc/o Home04/15/21 (19)3 cards
Bill Guerinc/o Home04/15/21 (169)4 cards
Brendan Shinniminc/o Adler Mannheim04/13/21 (37)1 card
Brandon DeFazioc/o ERC Ingolstadt04/13/21 (17)1 card
Gary Edwardsc/o Home04/07/21 (58)3 cards
Dave Debolc/o Home04/06/21 (58)2 cards
Dave Feamsterc/o Home04/06/21 (31)1 card
Bob Froesec/o Home03/31/21 (40)4 cards
Jim Watsonc/o Home03/31/21 (83)2 cards
Blake Dunlopc/o Home03/31/21 (40)3 cards
P.J. Stockc/o Work03/30/21 (52)3 cards
Colin Campbellc/o NHL Office03/25/21 (25)4 cards
Ernie Hickec/o Home03/24/21 (44)4 cards
Kevan Guyc/o Home03/24/21 (33)1 card
Doug Evansc/o Home03/23/21 (14)3 cards
Ed Joyalc/o Home03/23/21 (32)3 cards
Steve Christoffc/o Home03/23/21 (23)3 cards
Lew Morrisonc/o Home03/23/21 (23)3 cards
Jude Drouinc/o Home03/23/21 (23)3 cards
Andy Sprucec/o Home03/22/21 (22)2 cards
Glen Sharpleyc/o Work03/22/21 (119)4 cards
Michel Dionc/o Home03/22/21 (22)2 cards
Ryan Kuffnerc/o ERC Ingolstadt03/20/21 (13)1 card
Rod Langwayc/o Home03/18/21 (40)2 cards
Dennis Kearnsc/o Home03/18/21 (18)2 cards
Garry Howattc/o Home03/18/21 (132)2 cards
Gary Sargentc/o Home03/18/21 (18)3 cards
Valentin Zykovc/o Modo Hockey03/17/21 (23)1 card
Frank Corradoc/o Modo Hockey03/17/21 (23)3 cards
Johan Harjuc/o Modo Hockey03/17/21 (23)1 card
Noel Pricec/o Home03/17/21 (26)3 cards
Lou Angottic/o Home03/13/21 (75)1 card
Joacim Erikssonc/o Schwenninger Wild Wings03/12/21 (5)3 cards
Bill Fairbairnc/o Home03/11/21 (20)4 cards
Chico Reschc/o Home03/11/21 (74)3 cards
Darcy Rotac/o Home03/11/21 (20)4 cards
Bryan Hextallc/o Home03/11/21 (44)4 cards
Greg Jolyc/o Home03/10/21 (73)2 cards
Jack Valiquettec/o Home03/09/21 (30)3 cards
Peter Mahovlichc/o Home03/08/21 (25)4 cards
Rod Buskasc/o Home03/02/21 (46)3 cards
Roland Erikssonc/o Home03/02/21 (18)5 cards
Al Hillc/o Home03/02/21 (25)2 cards
Ron Grahamec/o Home03/01/21 (24)2 cards
Nelson Pyattc/o Home02/25/21 (20)2 cards
Kjell Dahlinc/o Home02/20/21 (8)3 cards
John Wrightc/o Home02/19/21 (14)2 cards
Dave Forbesc/o Home02/15/21 (29)2 cards
Barry Deanc/o Home02/13/21 (27)2 cards
Greg Foxc/o Home02/13/21 (27)3 cards
Pierre Aubryc/o Home02/12/21 (26)1 card
Steve Jensenc/o Home02/12/21 (26)2 cards
Brent Petersonc/o Home02/12/21 (26)3 cards
Ted McAneelyc/o Home02/09/21 (23)1 card
Derek Smithc/o Home02/06/21 (20)3 cards
Doug Palazzaric/o Home02/06/21 (50)1 card
Zach Redmondc/o Red Bull München02/05/21 (82)4 cards
Andrew MacWilliamc/o Red Bull München02/05/21 (82)1 card
Chris Bourquec/o Red Bull München02/05/21 (82)2 cards
Pete LoPrestic/o Home02/03/21 (15)2 cards
Dave Burrowsc/o Home02/03/21 (15)2 cards
Morris Mottc/o Home02/02/21 (37)1 card
Ed Chadwickc/o Home02/02/21 (30)1 card
Bob MacMillanc/o Home01/29/21 (35)5 cards
Peter Lappinc/o Home01/23/21 (54)2 cards
Marc Rheaumec/o Home01/23/21 (20)2 cards
Peter Lappinc/o Home01/23/21 (20)2 cards
Barry Cullenc/o Home01/19/21 (15)1 card
Bob Murdochc/o Home01/19/21 (58)2 cards
Norm Maciverc/o Home01/19/21 (91)4 cards
Kevin Lavalleec/o Home01/08/21 (39)3 cards
Steve Ricec/o Home01/06/21 (45)4 cards
Craig Rivetc/o Home01/05/21 (99)2 cards
Tim Bothwellc/o Home01/05/21 (42)2 cards
Gary McAdamc/o Home01/04/21 (44)4 cards
Nick Libettc/o Home12/24/20 (32)3 cards
Bill Hayc/o Home12/22/20 (22)1 card
Bernie Wolfec/o Home12/22/20 (30)1 card
Serge Bernierc/o Home12/18/20 (25)3 cards
Gord Labossierec/o Home12/18/20 (25)2 cards
Steve Rooneyc/o Home12/17/20 (24)2 cards
Dave Maloneyc/o Home12/17/20 (24)3 cards
Kirk Bowmanc/o Home12/16/20 (23)1 card
Gary Jarrettc/o Home12/16/20 (22)2 cards
Jaromir Jagrc/o Home12/12/20 (12)3 cards
Rolf Edbergc/o Home12/08/20 (16)1 card
Grant Mulveyc/o Home12/08/20 (23)1 card
Craig Coxec/o Ice Rink12/03/20 (44)3 cards
Marty McInnisc/o Home12/03/20 (29)3 cards
Keith Carneyc/o Home11/28/20 (23)3 cards
Stan Gilbertsonc/o Home11/28/20 (100)1 card
Craig Janneyc/o Home11/19/20 (23)4 cards
Rem Murrayc/o Home11/19/20 (29)3 cards
Ryan Whitneyc/o Home11/19/20 (29)2 cards
John Paul Kellyc/o Home11/17/20 (21)1 card
Ken Linsemanc/o Home11/17/20 (21)3 cards
Andrey Makarovc/o HC Bratislava11/16/20 (11)4 cards
Dennis Polonichc/o Home11/12/2020 (22)4 cards
Brian Leetchc/o Home11/11/2020 (5270)3 cards
Oskars Bartulisc/o Team Hotel11/10/20 (6)1 card
Richard Brodeurc/o Home11/03/20 (30)3 cards
Howard Walkerc/o Home11/02/20 (36)1 card
Marek Zidlickyc/o Home10/23/20 (25)4 cards
Lee Fogolinc/o Home10/23/20 (62)2 cards
Larry Playfairc/o Home10/21/20 (29)2 cards
Jason Bonsignorec/o Home10/13/20 (22)4 cards
Terry Martinc/o Home10/13/20 (22)2 cards
Mathieu Garonc/o Home10/13/20 (33)2 cards
Ron Sutterc/o Home10/08/20 (38)3 cards
Jim Johnsonc/o Home10/06/20 (26)4 cards
Andrew Casselsc/o Home10/06/20 (26)4 cards
Ken Sabourinc/o Home09/22/20 (22)2 cards
Greg Smithc/o Home09/22/20 (22)3 cards
Rick Hamptonc/o Business09/21/20 (32)3 cards
Rob Ramagec/o Home09/17/20 (17)3 cards
Gaston Gingrasc/o Home09/17/20 (17)2 cards
Ray Whitneyc/o Home09/17/20 (28)2 cards
Andre Dorec/o Home09/09/20 (26)2 cards
Phil Russellc/o Home09/08/20 (25)3 cards
Mike Bloomc/o Home09/08/20 (19)1 card
Orest Kindrachukc/o Home09/05/20 (15)3 cards
Terry Ruskowskic/o Home09/05/20 (24)3 cards
Wayne Carletonc/o Home09/05/20 (15)2 cards
Simon Noletc/o Home08/31/20 (16)3 cards
Anton Stastnyc/o Home08/27/20 (14)3 cards